Our Product

Generator Packaging

Silent Canopy Genset with fully equipped soundproofing component. Can reduced noise so the dB level can be +-67dB

Generator packaging with trailer design

Open type generator packaging (without canopy)

Machine Room

Using industry standard that can be adjusted with applicable provision

Using residential standard silencer with specifications for residential needs


Custom Cable Tray dan Cable Ladder

Silencer Fabrication
(Silent dan Super Silent)

Fabrication all types of Spark Arrestor

Our Speciality

Hi-Precision Work

Using laser cutter and CNC technology for guaranteed accuracy

Weather Proof

Paint and special designs make it more resistant to sun and rain. Suitable for outdoor use

Ventra Since 1999

More than 15 years experience in soundproofing business

Our Customer

For genset owners, the accessories we provide are not just complementary, but also can increase the performance of the generator you have

For industrial needs, they all require their own standards, including soundproofing. With these needs, we are ready and able to fulfill them

For Generator’s Vendor, we provide various kinds of Generator Soundproofing on demand and as your requests

Hasil produksi sudah rapi dan bagus, kedap suara juga sudah mumpuni

Pak Bambang - Pemilik Rental Sound System dan Genset

Produk yang saya pesan di CV. Inti Daya Engineering bisa dibilang sangat memperhatikan detail, dan semuanya sesuai dengan ekspektasi saya

PT. Total Bangun Persada Tbk

(Indonesia) Pesanan kami, 2 unit Arrestor untuk genset 250 dan 500 kVa, sudah terpasang tanpa kendala

PT Gala Jaya

(Indonesia) Hasil Attenuator yang saya pesan bagus. Hasil kerjanya rapi, dan sekarang juga sudah terpasang dengan presisi

PT. Barokah Jaya