Metal and Non Metal Fabrication, and Laser Cutting for all industrial and custom needs

Since 1999

Engaged in Metal Fabrication since 1999

Our Service

Metal Forming

Bend & Cut iron plate with maximum thickness :
- Mild Steel 5mm
- Stainless Steel 3mm

Roll Mild Steel and Stainless Steel service. The smallest diameter result of roll is up to 80mm

Stainless Steel welding service for all purposes


Metal Laser Cutting Services. With maximum thickness :
- Mild Steel 6mm
- Stainless Steel 3mm

Laser Cutting and Non-Metallic Special Graphics (acrylic, MDF, wood, paper, leather, and glass)

Punch iron plate. Available circular, rectangle, and oval blades

Our Speciality

Hi-Precision Work

Warranty of precision result because we use CNC machine

One Stop Service

We provide a variety of materials that you can choose. Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, MDF, etc. Can be directly used for Punch, Cut, Bend, Roll, Laser Cutting, and Engraving as you needed

No Minimum Quantity

No minimum quantity order

Our Customer

We serve as your sub contractor, preparing ready to assemble material for your production

We also provide Custom Cutting, Bending, Laser Cutting, Engraving, and Metal Plate Roll Service for medium scale production such as metal workshop

We also take custom order from Interior Designer , For designers, or design lovers. We help you to realizing what you want, such as:
- Wall art
- Custom table and chair
- Etc

Hasil produksi sudah rapi dan mencakup segala detail yang diperlukan, mungkin yang perlu ditambah untuk pilihan finishing materialnya

Kristal - Interior Designer

Material yang dipilih untuk pembuatan pesanan saya berkualitas, sehingga produk yang dihasilkan menjadi kokoh dan kuat

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