What You Get

- Initial assesment of Generator condition

- 24/7 customer service
- Free maintenance & spare parts
- Unit replacement with same capacity, while your Generators are being repaired

(Indonesia) - Gratis semua biaya perbaikan Genset apabila terjadi kerusakan

- Layanan Pelanggan dan Perbaikan 24/7

Our Speciality

First In Indonesia

The First and Only Full Comprehensive Genset Protection Service in Indonesia

Generator Protection

We provide Generator management services to prevent premature aging and possible damage to your Generator machine

Cost Effective

With GENO-1, you can cut unexpected maintenance cost you might spend if you decide to handle Generator by yourself

Our Customer

As the owner of the Generator, Have you ever been worry about this?
> Genset can not be used when there is urgent need
> Lack of cost, time, and skilled professionals to maintain the Generator
We will answer your worries

With GENO-1, your genset will be handled by experts to ensure it is always in prime condition and ready for use whenever you need it. And of course FREE of all maintenance fees. Including oil, spare parts, and other consumable items

With GENO-1, we can help improve your after-sales service. With sales bundling using GENO-1 services, the Generator purchased by your customer will be monitored to prevent Generator premature aging

Making sure your Generators are ready for use whenever you need it

Ensure your Generators are well maintained without any unexpected costs