“Start Ready” Genset Rental Package

If your place of business requires a generator as backup power, such as restaurants, budget hotels, banking offices, showrooms, and so on, your generator must always be available and ready to use and according to rules and regulations. Thus, power outages do not need to be detrimental or interfere with your business.

The problem is, in the current era of post-pandemic international hyperinflation, capital goods including generators have become very expensive and relatively scarce. In addition, if you buy it in installments, you are exposed to high interest and may be a risk in the future due to erratic inflation.

Not to mention that you will have your attention drawn to taking care of your generator, and fulfilling various regulations regarding the ownership of generators that are increasingly stringent today.

All of this distracts you from building momentum to recover from the crisis caused by the prolonged Pandemic. Therefore, Inti Daya Engineering presents a special “Start Ready” Genset Rental package for your place of business that:
1.Located in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, or Gresik
2.Requires Stand By Generator for Backup Power
3.Capacity 60 KVA and below

The “Start Ready” package offers:
1. Rent a long-term generator (minimum 1 month contract period) at an affordable price without an operator
2. Low monthly payments, lower than leasing installments.
3.FREE 20m cable for installation
4.FREE Operational Training for your own 2 operators
5.FREE Routine control and maintenance from technicians
6.FREE oil, filter and other consumables
7. FREE Genset Reporting services for a contract period of more than one year
8.Genset down time guarantee is not more than one day, with unit repair or replacement.

With this “Start Ready” package, you don’t need to bother thinking about and managing generators for your place of business. You are also free from high and erratic installment interest costs.

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CV. Inti Daya Engineering – 20 s/d 2000 KVA Genset Rental
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Ika Syella
Rental Sales Supervisor
Inti Daya Engineering, CV

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