FAQ Rental

How to order ?
Reservations can be made in the following ways:
Chat on our website                             (Business hours 08.00 s / d 16.00 WIB)
Phone              : (031) 8416288           (Business hours 08.00 s / d 16.00 WIB)
WhatsApp       : 082257731930          (Business hours 08.00 s / d 16.00 WIB)

Are there MINIMUM time/duration to rent generator?
Gensets are available for the following minimum periods.
1 Day / 8 Hours
(Depending on which goes first)

Can I rent outside Surabaya and surrounding areas?
We serve genset rental with coverage all over Indonesia.

Is the generator(s) ready to work when I get it?
All generators come 100% ready to run.

How do I know your gensets are in top condition?
Intidaya Engineering keeps a detailed record of all the services / repairs made to the generators we rented. We also do an annual load banking on all our rental generators.

If there is a problem with the generator(s), what to do?
Our operator will solve it. Because operators are always standby with generators, and their job is to keep the genset you rent always ready to work anytime

What do I get when I decide to rent a generator at Intidaya Engineering?
What will you get are same with the “package” you choose. But for the standard things you definitely get is:
– Operator
– Power Cable, and
– Our Services Guarantee (Operator’s Maintenance and Warranty Service)